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School of Mechanical Engineering
SA 5005



Final Year projects from 2001

Project Title Students
Formula SAE-Suspension System B.S. Lim, J. Mitchell, N.K. Ling,
H.E. Lim, M.Readman, Y.K. Yong
Design/Build of a Formula SAE Vehicle
(Chassis, Shell and Instrumentation)
L.Y. Chan, M. Doecke, H. Lalwani,
H.W. Lau, T. Lau, C.C. Lee, C.C. Low
Formula SAE-Power Train N.E. Carey, N.J. Koch,
C.J.J. Martin, M.B. Waite, M.G. Wylie
Automation of the sleeter Production Line J. Allen
The Development of An Underwater Robot L.Y. Wai, M.C. Tan, K.K. Pang
Design of a Portable Exercise Device
for the Diabetic Community
D. Hadcroft
Testing Durability of a New Mine Detector M. Moody
Testing of a Temperature Chamber Loading Machine B. Sevo
Automatic Inspection and Packing of Moulded Components L. Cobiac
Industrial Resonator Muffler Design Y.P. Soh, E.W.T. Yap, B.H.L. Gan
Design and Control of Parallel Robots based
on DTC and DFC design methods
P.Y.Lee, Y.K. Lee
Software-based design and simulation
of robotic assemblt systems
P. Dumuid, L. Smith
Automatic Inspection and Packing of Moulded Components L. Cobiac
Design and Construction of a Thermoacoustic device O. Lucas, K. Meeuwissen
Investigation of bell clappers behaviour on bell sound K.W. Ng, T.T. Huan
Design of an active vibration isolation unit for optical applications J. Glaros, M. Hergott
Design of tuned vibration absorbers for an aircraft fuselage A.P. Kemp, K.H.D Ling, S.Y. Koo
Development of a grape harvesting mobile robot F. Sabetzadeh, P. Medwell, B. Parkin
Advanced landmine proofing system-
Teleoperation control system design
D. Barton, T. Connell,
T. Tamblyn, J. Thorbune, T. Wickham
Attenuation of rear view mirror vibration J.P. Kaesler, D.A. Stanef
The development of a prosthetic arm D. Harvey, B. Longstaff
The design of aerodynamically sound bike helmets K.Y. Chin, L.K. Lim
Modelling of flameless oxidadtion burner A. Hattary
The development of an efficient combustion system
that fires bio-fuels, for use in rural areas of the Philippines
G. Hudson, N. Patel, P. Haskard
Assessment and formulation of preliminary congeneration
design options for the Yalumba Wine company that will
provide cost-effictive reductions in greenhouse gas
S. Costanzo, J. Kupke
Development and assessment of an advanced flameless
oxidation burner for very low NOx emissions
L. Trento, P.L. Sambastian
Development of a dual-fuel precessing jet nozzle
to reduce NOx emissions, and increase
radiant heat transfer in rotary kilns
A.G. Syamsuria
Atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel design L.W. Wei, L.C.L. Desmond
RAAF P-3 Orion multi-site damage assessment J. Telford, D. Tucker
Performance chart improvement fot the post
PA5140 P-3C/W Orion aircraft
R. Burgess, P. Gibson
Investigation into the behaviour of long
thin cylinders in axial flow with a forced oscillation
A. Seroka
Design, test and manufacture of a synthetic heel pad K. Peter, B. Tattersall, T. Poole