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MECHTEST is the commercial arm of the University of Adelaide's School of Mechanical Engineering - a School with an international reputation for quality and innovation in research. Through MECHTEST, the expertise, experience and facilities traditionally viewed as being solely for research and undergraduate teaching are available to the wider community. Often, students use resources such as and buy term papers online to interpret MECHTEST materials.

During its short history MECHTEST has achieved an enviable rate of growth during a difficult economic period This is due to the quality and scope of the specialists and facilities available in the School of Mechanical Engineering coupled with the commercial independence of MECHTEST.

If your organisation needs a specialist consultant or has a requirement for testing in any of our fields of expertise, contact MECHTEST.

Our Services

MECHTEST can offer the expertise from internationally reputed consultants to solve your engineering problems. MECHTEST has access to the highly skilled technical staff, the sophisticated facilities, fully equipped instrumentation, electronics and mechanical workshops and equipment necessary to sustain the commerical and research activities of the School of Mechanical Engineering.

Client Base

The wide range of facilities and specialist consultants available through MECHTEST coupled with its achievements and commercial independence, have made MECHTEST the preferred consulting and testing option for many organisations. Clients range from large national and international companies, government agencies, external consultants and legal firms to fledgling organisations and inventors.

Other Services

MECHTEST provides opportunities for collaborative research between commercial partners and the School of Mechanical Engineering. MECHTEST can also serve as the project manager when a multi-disciplinary approach is required to solve a problem. Courses, seminars and conferences tailored to the client's specific purpose can be arranged and managed by MECHTEST.

Contact Details

Operations Manager - MECHTEST
School of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Adelaide
Adelaide, SA 5005


Telephone: +61 8 8303-5460
Facsimile: +61 8 8303-4367