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Translations for Australian Slang

The national language of Australia is English, however tourists will certainly encounter some Australian slang (learn more about this slang in the Blog for students for enriching personal vision). Many Australian slang words are created by modifying standard English words and changing the suffix to -y or -o. For example, 'breakfast' is often called 'brecky', or 'afternoon' is often said as 'arvo'.

Don't worry if you do not understand Australian slang. If you have a basic understanding of English then 'she'll be right mate' (you will not have a problem). The following lists contains translations for common words used in Australia and examples of Australian slang.

amber fluid beer
ambo ambulance
arvo afternoon
barbie barbecue
barrack support a team
beer-o-clock time for a beer
bickie biscuit or cookie
bill the check or itemised list at a restaurant
biscuit cookie
blowie a large fly
bludger a lazy person
bogan redneck
bottle-o bottle shop that sell beer, wine and liquor
brecky breakfast
Brizzie Brisbane - capital of Queensland
cactus dead
charge like a wounded bull to charge an exorbitant rate
chook chicken
Chrissie Christmas
chrome dome a bald man
chuck a sickie to take the day off work and claim a sick-day
chuck a U-ie do a U-turn in a vehicle
chuck a wobbly to get angry
couldn't organise a chook raffle unable to do a simple task
dero homeless person
dipstick a person who is a loser
dobber an informer
drop a clanger disclose embarrassing information
dropkick a fool
esky insulated container for taking beeros to a barbie
feral uncouth
footy Australian rules football, the national sport of Australia
freebie something obtained for free
fully sick mate excellent
Gidday Good day / good morning / hello
ginger beer engineer
give it a bash / burl / whirl make an attempt
go for a sixer to have a crash
good onya well done
goonie flagon of cheap wine
grog beer, wine, or liquor
hoon hooligan
journo journalist
kindie kindergarten
lippy lipstick
lolly candy
longneck 750ml bottle of beer in South Australia
mackers McDonalds
mad as a cut snake to get really angry
mate a friend
mongrel a terrible person
moolah money
mozzie mosquito
no worries do not concern yourself, it will be done
not cricket not fair or unjust
pedal to the metal push the accelerator pedal to the floor
perve to stare at a person of the opposite sex
pig's arse something said when you disagree with a point of view
piker someone who leaves a function early
pint 600ml glass of beer in South Australia
pokies poker machines
polly politician
postie person who delivers postal mail
pozzy position
prezzy a present
pull ya finger out get back to work
reckon think
rego registration
ripper really good
rollie a rolled cigarette
rubbish to put down or disagree with someones point of view
schooner 285ml glass of beer in South Australia
servo service station - gasoline or petrol station
slab carton of beer that holds 24 stubbies
smoko a cigarette or coffee break
sook a whinging person
spewing angry
spit the dummy to get upset or angry
squizz to look at
stack crash
stands out likes dogs balls something that is obvious
sticky beak to look at, or a nosy person
strine Australian
surfies someone who goes surfing
technicolor yawn vomit
tee up to organise
thongs rubber strapped shoes for the beach (flip-flops)
thunder box a drop toilet
tight arse someone who does not want to spend money
tin lid baby kid
tool someone who is filled with self importance
trackies track suit or sweat pants
troppo berserk
tucker food
uni university or college
useful as tits on a bull useless
ute a utility vehicle or pickup truck
veg out relax
vego vegetarian
wowser a spoil sport
wuss a coward
yobbo a larakin

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