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Active Noise and Vibration Control
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Topic: Keynote Papers
(67) Using energy-based control to achieve global attenuation
(113) Sensor–actuator transducers for smart panels
(114) Active control of ocean vehicle vibration and motion
(115) Digital signal processing algorithms and implementations
(116) How big is you head? a discussion of system complexity, active control, inverse problems and acoustic arrays
Topic: Array processing and imaging
(16) Acoustic reflectometry for determination of waveguide geometry
(41) Implementing active noise control with parametric array loudspeaker as system controller
(48) Control of low-frequency wall reflections in an anechoic room
(49) 3d reproduction of low-frequency sound fields using the boundary pressure control method
(65) Tracking noise sources using multiple mobile microphone arrays
Topic: Virtual reality and psychoacoustics
(22) Noise masking using psychoacoustics
(54) Acoustic field reproduction for psychoacoustic experiments: application to aircraft interior noise
Topic: Transducers for active control
(56) Design and fabrication of a micro velocity sensor for direct velocity feedback control systems
(118) Design of radiation mode sensors by means of piezoelectric fibers
(60) Nonlinear models of electro pneumatic transducers for use in feedforward active noise control schemes
(111) Active control of sound using a parametric array
Topic: Semi-active (adaptive) control
(79) Active tuning of a resonance changer to minimise the vibration transmission in a submarine
(86) Use of programmable logical controllers for implementation of the damper control systems
(92) Tuning a semi-active helmholtz resonator
(99) Hybrid piezo-poroelastic sound package concept: numerical/experimental validations
Topic: Active vibration isolation
(80) Zero-stiffness magnetic supports for active vibration control
(84) Earthquake isolation self-centering system with side rigid link-rods
(101) Development of a controllable damping engine mount using mr fluid for reduction of impact force during automobile collision
Topic: Active vibration control
(11) Material-adapted vibro-acoustic simulation concepts for actively damped lightweight structures
(19) A geometric approach to the design of remotely located vibration control systems
(20) Instantaneous harmonic vibration control of a flexible rotor
(26) Optimal vibration control for overhung rotor system using actively flexible pedestal
(35) Model identification and optimal h2 vibration control of an aeronautical panel
(39) Experiments in active control of panel vibrations with spatially weighted objectives using multiple accelerometers
(46) Comparison between different controllers when having abrupt changes in a process
(72) Active damping of a vibrating string
(73) Experimental verifications of active constrained layer damping treated beam for different boundary conditions
(93) Usage of active balancing devices for passing through flexible rotor modes in active magnetic bearings
(95) Mutually converging adaptive feedback active control with on-line secondary-path modeling
(107) Distributed control of a simply supported beam
(108) Fault tolerant active vibration control
(112) An annoyance approach on active vibration control in light structures
Topic: Signal processing and algorithms
(8) Frequency-domain broadband active sound quality control algorithms
(17) The implementation of delayless sub-band active noise control algorithms
(23) Behaviour of the films adaptive algorithm
(36) Adaptive wave field synthesis with independent radiation mode control for active sound field
(61) The selected digital systems of active sound control
(78) Fast adaptive filter algorithms for active noise control with application to active noise reduction headsets
(89) Development of hartley domain filtered-s lms algorithm for active noise control system
(97) A modified filtered-error algorithm with fast convergence in systems with delay
Topic: Non-linear control
(1) On the nonlinear control of the carbon nanotubes bending
Topic: Feedback control
(28) Optimal truncated model for flexible structure system within a frequency band
(42) The mechanisms of feedback control active ear defenders
(51) A semi-active friction device controlled by nonlinear feedbacks and phase-shift compensation
(100) Singular analysis of response of duffing-van der pol oscillators
(117) Nonresonant response of van der pol-duffing oscillator with nonlinear feedback control
Topic: Feedforward control
(34) Acoustic feasibility of feedforward control in call centers
(43) A fast system structure for multichannel active control
(68) A comparison of convergence and tracking in ed and sp based fxlms algorithms
(81) Phase corrected algorithm and its application to the active control of ship interior noise
Topic: Smart materials and structures
(6) Flexural vibration of a smart laminated fgm plate with initial imperfections
(30) Distributed magnetorheological (mr) fluid damper for active structural vibration control
(106) Boeing's morphing aerostructure for jet noise reduction
(104) Experimental evaluation of mr controllable friction damper
(110) Negative capacitance shunts for vibration suppression: wave based tuning and reactive input power
Topic: Active structural acoustic control
(32) A high-authority/low-authority control strategy for coupled aircraft-style bays
(55) Stability and controllability of velocity feedback loops with triangularly shaped piezoelectric actuators
(71) Simultaneous noise and vibration control using active structural acoustic control inside an enclosed stiffened cylinder with floor structure
(109) Active modal control of radiated noise of a submarine hull
Topic: Hardware for active control
(74) Development of a semi-active electromagnetic vibration absorber system
Topic: Active jet noise control
(91) On a fundamental problem in the derivation of ffowcs williams and hawkings equation of aeroacoustics
(102) Development of a soma hybrid composite jet engine chevron concept
Topic: Active control of sound in vehicles
(10) Active control of sound transmission into an acoustic cavity surrounded by multiple flexible structural boundaries
(24) Interior active noise control in turbofan aircraft: characterisation of the test-article and numerical simulation for optimal actuator positioning by genetic algorithms
(47) Optimization of actuator configuration for the reduction of structure-borne noise in automobiles
(58) Sound profiling active noise control system
(87) An investigation into active synchrophasing for cabin noise reduction in propeller aircraft
(103) Feedback noise control of low frequency noise in a station-wagon using a field programmable analog array (fpaa)
Topic: Active control in ducts
(9) An analysis of active noise control in ducts with feedforward, feedback and hybrid control structure
(21) An analysis of the active silencer with and without side-branch resonator
(29) Performances prediction of the anc system
(44) Nonlinear active noise control (anc) with feedback consideration for square duct
(57) Active noise control for large exhaust pipe
(98) Decentralised feedback control for active absorption in flow ducts
Topic: De-centralised Control
(31) Smart panel with decentralised inertial actuator active dampers
(52) Decentralised control using multiple velocity feedback loops
(59) Performance and stability properties of a smart double panel with decentralized active dampers
Topic: Active sound control
(2) Active acoustical matching of vibrating body surface with incident waves
(3) Design of active noise control using grazing estimation method
(45) Feasibility study on active noise control of moving source in view using directional microphones and directional speakers
(64) Feedback control of broadband axial fan noise for global attenuation
(90) Limits on active noise control performance at virtual error sensors

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