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Active 2006: LaTeX Template

This page contains a link to a ZIP file that contains all the necessary LaTex files to prepare your conference paper. All papers must be submitted to the Proceedings Editor in Portable Document Format (PDF). Please carefully follow the instructions described in this document template.

Download: LaTeX Template


Instructions to Create a PDF from Latex

If you are using a current version of pdflatex your PDF file should be correct and include the appropriate font information to display correctly on screen and in print.

However is you are using the latex->dvi, dvips->ps, ps2pdf->pdf method ensure that you use the folowing options so that the resulting PDF will display correctly on screen

latex input_file.tex
dvips -Ppdf -GO -t a4 -o output_file.ps input_file.dvi
ps2pdf output_file.ps output_file.pdf

Check the man pages of dvips for more information or use Google to find out more.

Once your PDF file has been produced you may find it helpful to use Adobe Acrobat to reduce the file size and make the file version 5.0 compatible.

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