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Design Projects

Each year Level II, III and IV Mechanical Engineering students undertake projects dealing with both research and design problems. The problems in Level IV are defined either by industry or by staff of the School of Mechanical Engineering and deal with topics ranging from system analysis and design for manufacture to experimental investigations of fundamental research problems. On several occasions the students' solutions have lead to patentable systems. The Level III project is a design exercise requiring a broad range of technical input. The Level II project is a national design and build competition which is determined by the Institute of Engineers Australia.

Formula SAE-A

The School of Mechanical Engineering has been engaged in the Society of Automotive Engineers car racing competition since 2001. The events involve the design, build, and racing of a car. All team members are university students that use their skills to build the most competitive car they can.

For more details see the school's pages on our entry into the FSAE-A competition.

Current Level IV Projects

We have implemented an automated database management system for the Level 4 Projects.

The purpose behind the system is that the level 4 project coordinator no longer needs to be involved in the posting of projects or the handling student preferences, etc. Both students and staff can enter details directly into a database via their web browsers. The advantage of this approach is that the data is always up to date.

Click here to access the system.

Accounts for students should have been created. Students must use their 7-digit number. Your password will initially be blank (which should be changed at the earliest opportunity). If you don't have an account then please contact the Level 4 Project Coordinator. Please make sure that all the personal information is correct, including your email address.

Students can indicate their preferences for the projects. This is done under 'Project Preferences'. Only a single project can occupy each preference. The left most tick box is the highest, rightmost the lowest.

For each project selected, students can nominate a 'care factor'. This allows the student to describe how much they desire to be placed in a project. This feature is really only useful when a student is equally content with more than one project.

If the student really wants to get into their first project, and definitely not anything else, they should place a 10 in the first care factor box, and say, 3 in the next.

If on the other hand, the student doesn't care which of the 3 first preferences they get into, they can place 10 in the first 3 boxes...

If you have any problems or you have any suggestions for improvements, then please let the Level 4 Project Coordinator know.

Projects from Previous Years

Follow the links below to find the seminar abstracts about the final year projects from previous years.

Year Project
2004 HTML
2003 HTML
2002 HTML [PDF] [PDF]
2001 HTML
2000 HTML
1999 HTML
1997 HTML