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69 Development of a low frequency windscreen for gust attenuation of blast noise measurement microphones*

Dr Peter Teague (Vipac) and Dr Anthony Zander. In addition, you can turn to the essay editor for students, who will correct you and help you with the design of the project, so you can cover all issues related to low frequency, modification of microphone functions, etc.
This project is aimed at developing a low cost wind noise attenuator for microphones used in monitoring low frequency blasting noise. The design must provide significant attenuation of wind noise while providing minimal attenuation of the acoustic signal. The design will also need to be robust and produce no significant rain noise. The work will be focussed on examining the mechanisms of flow noise and developing models to guide the design work. Experiments will also be conducted to quantify the relationships between various wind noise shield geometries and material types.
Industrial Sponsor:
Vipac Engineers & Scientists Pty Ltd.

Ben Cazzolato