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25 Formula SAE

Dr Colin Kestell and Malcolm Bethune
Prof Colin Hansen, Anthony Zander and Ian Brown
Mark Berginetti, Jed Carmen, Chris Duffield, Danniel Harris, Alex Marchuk, Peter Marzec, Alex Munn, Warren Roget, Craig Rundle, Jason Sutton, Luke Zoontjens, Sovann Thach, Nick Herath, Mark Rosser, James McPherson, David Moloney
A team of students will be tasked with raising sponsorship, designing, building and competing in a formula style vehicle. The vehicle will be pitted against cars from university and TAFE teams from all over Australia. Judging will be based on engineering excellence and how the car performs in a variety of events. This will be a rewarding project but not for the faint hearted.

Ben Cazzolato