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Industry secondments and sponsored staff positions

We would like to extend industry involvement in our current undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Benefits to your organisation from participating include excellent publicity and access to a potential employee pool of the brightest students available. With our cut-off scores being much higher than any other university in the country, there is no doubt that we have access to the brightest young minds entering the profession in this country.

There are a number of ways in which we would like to invite you to participate in the education of our future mechanical and mechatronic engineers. First your staff could be made available to give a series of lectures as part of a particular subject. Second, your organisation could sponsor all or part of the salary for a named position such as "The Your Organisation Lectureship in Design" or "Your Organisation Chair in Fluid Mechanics". A number of organisations are already involved in the School in these ways and we welcome further involvement. Third, you could allow one of your professional engineers to be seconded to the School on a part time basis to participate in teaching. For these people, Adjunct Academic positions are available. Fourth many staff would welcome the opportunity to work in your organisation during their sabbatical leave period.