A Simulink target for real-time control using Infineon C167 microcontrollers



RTC167-Target is a MATLAB/Simulink block-set for real-time control on Infineon C167 microcontrollers. Using MathWork’s Real-Time Workshop a Simulink block diagram can be directly built into a C167 target application without any low-level coding of the microcontroller. Once running, the target can be controlled from an associated host (PC). Host-target communication is based on a standard RS-232 serial link using a simple null-modem connection. Monitoring of live data as well as the on-the-fly download of process data are both provided through Simulink’s External Mode communication interface. A useful extension of this interface has been devised to provide a number of user data channels through which a user can send and receive customised user data.


The present version of this toolbox has been developed and tested on MATLAB V6.1 (R12.1), using the KEIL compiler suite (C166) to build executables for the Phytec single-board computer phyCORE-167. Adaptations to other C167 based target boards should be reasonably easy. Details outlining the setting-up of the Phytec hardware can be found in appendix A of the RTC167-Target User Manual (Word 2000, \docs\RTC167-Target.doc).


RTC167-Target is distributed as Free Software under the terms of the GNU Public License Agreement (GPL). The spirit of free software incorporates the users' freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. Commercial developments based on RTC167-Target are permitted within the limits of the GPL.



Frank Wornle ()

Raul Murillo-Garcia ()

The University of Adelaide

School of Mechanical Engineering


December, 2003






To download a copy of RTC167-Target for the KEIL compiler suite (C166) and MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1) click here.


To download a copy of RTC167-Target for the KEIL compiler suite (C166) and MATLAB 6.5 (R13) click here.


To download a copy of RTC167-Target for the Tasking compiler suite (C166, V7.5) and MATLAB 6.5 (R13) click here.



The predecessor toolbox of RTC167-Target, MIRCOS-167, can be downloaded from the following links:


To download a copy of MIRCOS-167 for the Hightec compiler suite click here. (The toolbox works with the freely available evaluation version).


To download a copy of MIRCOS-167 for the KEIL compiler suite click here. (The full version of this compiler is required).



New: (13/04/05)


The toolbox has recently been ported to FreeScale microcontrollers (MC9S12DP256B/C). We use Wytec Dragon-12 and/or MiniDragon+ boards, but other boards should work as well (all ports can be configured via the RTW options page and/or the block mask). Follow this link to download the new toolbox. The corresponding manual exists in low resolution as well as in high resolution (pdf).