Microstructure in Wear Resistant High Chromium White Cast Iron Castings, Weld Deposits and Spray Coatings

Core Participants:
                              University of Adelaide
                              University of Wollongong
                              Welding Technology Institute of Australia

Project Summary:
Traditionally the microstructure of high chromium white iron castings, weld deposits and spray coatings have been examined using 2D microsections and optical microscopy. However, this does not provide information on the interconnectivity of the critical microstructural constituents. Consequently relating microstructure to in-service performance becomes difficult using these techniques. Advanced electron microscopy eg. Electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) in a field emission scanning electron microscope, combined with some deep etching examination can provide information on the true 3D microstructure. In this project 2D and 3D images will be produced of a range of high chromium white iron microstructures of samples of known in-service performance.


High chromium white iron hardfacing alloy, Left - reflected light image, Right - deep etched sample viewed in the scanning electron microscope.