Internet Expert System for Steel Welded Structures

Core Participants:
                               University of Adelaide
                               University of Wollongong
                               BlueScope Steel

Project Summary:
The purpose of the project is to develop an internet based system capable of providing information and advice relating to welded structures.  The main purpose of this system is to solve industrial problems.  Information flowing both ways will help upgrade the system and plan for future research. This expert system will produce suggestions for joint design, welding process, electrode or wire in the market, preheat temperature, welding techniques, possible problems, NDT requirements, post weld heat treatments, weld defect analysis, etc.

A database for WPS and PQR will also become available. The fabrication method for expert system will be as generic as possible but can be adapted to standards such as AS/NZS 1554, AS2885 and AS1210. Several Australian steels produced and used in Australia will be use in the materials database. The consumables available in Australia and the companies supplying the consumables will also be included in the database. The expert system will be available through the internet for users who pay a subscription. This way it is possible to overcome license violation and also give an opportunity for the user to upgrade the expert system.