Surface Engineering - Wear and Corrosion Resistance Surfaces

Core Participants:
                                  University of Adelaide
                               University of Wollongong
                               Welding Technology Institute of Australia

Project Summary:
This work builds on the previous research project 'Corrosion-erosion abrasion behaviour of hardfacing deposits'.  The work will focus on high chromium white irons, the most commonly used surfacing materials in Australia. The surfacing techniques will include weld overlay and spray coatings. The microstructures will be characterised using solidification theory and electron microscopy techniques (based at University of Adelaide Centre of Electron Microscopy and Microstructural Analysis). A surface engineering facility exists at Wollongong University, including wear testing rigs (abrasion, reciprocating sliding, high temperature etc) and a nanohardness tester. These facilities will be redeveloped and applied to the wear testing of microstructurally characterised samples.

The ultimate aim of the project is to allow development of improved wear resistance coatings through control/modification of the microstructure. The success of the modifications can be demonstrated through wear testing and comparison with base line data.