Mr Grant Nelson
Postgraduate Student


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical (Honours)
  • Currently undertaking a PhD in Erosion-Corrosion Performance of Hardfacing Alloys

PhD title:  Erosion-Corrosion Performance of Hardfacing Alloys

The project investigates the erosion-corrosion performance of high chromium white iron hardfacing alloys.  The investigation centres on the role of recently discovered carbide morphologies that are expected to effect erosion-corrosion performance exposed to an environment similar to those found in the alumina refining process.  A newly developed hardfacing overlay composition, which will have minimised the undesirable carbide morphologies will be trailed for improved wear resistance.  The outcome of the investigation will be a quantitative model for the erosion-corrosion mechanism of high chromium white irons exposed simultaneously to a highly caustic, corrosive environment, and abrasive environment. 

Powell, G. L. F., G. D. Nelson, and I.H. Brown, (2003). Interpretation of Microstructure in High Chromium White Iron Weld Deposits. WTIA 51st Annual Conference, Sydney, Australia

Nelson, G.D., I.H. Brown, and G.L.F. Powell, (2003).
Erosion-Corrosion Control of High Chromium White Iron Hardfacings for the Alumina Industry. Corrosion Control & NDT, Melbourne Australia.

  • Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Scholarship and CRC for Welded Structures Scholarship. 

Conferences attended:
Australasian Corrosion Association; Corrosion Control and NDT, 23-26 November, Melbourne, Australia.

  • Graduate IEAust membership

Contact Details:
Phone: (08) 8303 3152