Mr. Ian Brown
Senior Lecturer


  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Masters of Applied Science

Major Research Areas:
  • Welding Metallurgy
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Friction Welding Processes
  • Solidification Mechanics

Summary of Key Research Interests: 
  • Cause of Hydrogen assisted cold cracking
  • Metallurgy of light alloys
  • Non fusion welding processes
  • Solidification of ferrous and non-ferrous fusion welds
  • Defects in Solidified Microstructures

Key  Publications:
Brown I.H. and Ide B.H. (1986). A Dilatometer for Measuring Dimensional Change in Dental Amalgam. Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 19, 123-124 .

Brown I.H. and Miller D.R. (1993).
Alloy Particle Shape and Sensitivity of High-Copper Amalgams to Manipulative Variables. American Journal of Dentistry 6, 248-254.

Brown I.H., Maiolo C. and Miller D.R. (1993).
Variation in Condensation Pressure during Clinical Packing of Amalgam Restorations. American Journal of Dentistry 6, 255-259.

Wahab M.A., Brown I.H. and Rohrsheim G.R. (1996).
  Experimental measurements and influence of overload-induced residual stress field on constant amplitude fatigue crack growth in aluminium alloy.  Proceedings of the International Conference on Experimental Mechanics: Advances and Applications.

  • Member, Institution of Engineers, Australia
  • Member, Institute of Metals and Materials Australia
  • Chief Metallurgist, Monroe Australia

Contact Details:
Telephone:(08) 8303 4703